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I started Prenn Landscapes in July 2020 as Nick Wood Property Maintenance, out the back of my 20 year old BMW estate car and borrowing equipment from family. I established the business during the first COVID lockdown due to the lack of jobs for newly qualified graduate engineers. I chose to take the key engineering principles 


Over the course of 2021 I built up a selection of high specification equipment and sold the BMW to make way for my first pickup. We continued to invest and soon ended up with a new 10ft tipping trailer, opening up a whole new type and scale of work available to us.

I learnt over the past 7+ years of engineering training and apply them to my other interests; building and the outdoors. Our approach allows us to consistently meet the needs of every project we take on. We do this by either implementing existing methods or, where necessary, taking the time to create and implement totally unique construction and logistical solutions in order to achieve the clients goals.


Jump forward to today, our approach to projects has been a success and the business continues to develop. As part of this growth we were required to VAT register and chose to rebrand to Prenn Landscapes. Our family is proudly Cornish and Prenn is Cornish for our surname ‘Wood’ which you will see used across the businesses owned by my dad, brother and I. With the rebrand we also upgraded to a new pickup and, to diversify the services we offer, we continue to reinvest into equipment and training.

Our ethos is to provide high quality, personalised and unique outdoor spaces for everyone, whether the project be big or small. We always encourage the use of materials that are sourced through local independent suppliers and suit the Cornish landscape, meeting the needs of both humans and wildlife that call your space home.

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We are a one stop location for all of your bespoke design, landscaping and maintenance tasks.

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